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Aside from the the built-in software that allows us to instantly post to any social media platform, the fluorescent ring light of Captura Glo gives skin a beautiful glow – reducing shadows wrinkles and spots. And look out for that extra sparkle in the eye too. #YouGloGirl.


The once distinct line between social media and the real world no longer exists and the seamless integration of what happens on the ground and how it lives online has moved from nice-to have to non-negotiable in the experiential and events space.

Introducing OLCaptura, the perfect way to encourage social sharing around your event or on-the-ground activities.


The photo booth has evolved into an all-round video capturing sensation - the 360° Captura. Consumers stand centre stage and let a revolving video camera capture their best moments from all sides. One hashtag, and consumers instantly share memorable content to social media and the world. Enquire today about the GIF that keeps on giving.


Our Virtual Reality offering is based around transporting the consumer out of their regular world and into another which brings the values and experience of our clients to life in the most unique and captivating of ways.

Our services combine precision strategy with profound concept that delivers unforgettable experiences.



  • CapturaGLO
  • FROM R1500 P/D

    • Based on activation days:
    • 1 Day: R3500
    • 2 Days: R3500 p/d
    • 3–5 Days: R2500 p/d
    • 6-10 Days: R2000 p/d
    • 1 Month or more: R1500 p/d
  • Hire Me
  • OLCaptura
  • R4500 P/D

    • Vinyl Branding: R200
    • Data: R300
    • Bakkie/Quantum to deliver
    • & collect: R1650
    • BA: R160 p/h
    • 2 x support crew: R800 - R1200
  • Hire Me
  • 360 Captura
  • R9500 P/D

    • Vinyl Branding: R500
    • Bakkie/Quantum to deliver
    • & collect: R1650
    • 2 x BA's: R160 p/h
    • 2 x support crew: R1200
    • Curved banner wall print:
    • R5600 (Optional)
  • Hire Me
  • OLC VR/Tilt Brush
  • R1700 P/D

    • Data:
      R500 (event dependent)
    • 1 x trained BA/
    • Staff member:
    • R600
  • Hire Me

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Promote your brand and event hashtag across social media platforms by activating those in-the-moment real-world event experiences, via OLCaptura.

Being part of a real-time experiential event sparks imaginative and innovative thinking, encouraging consumers to trend as your social media ambassadors by sharing their seamless experiences with the brand.

OLCaptura, using touchscreen and advanced technology software, is the solution to drives high social media interaction, via trending, around any brand and event hashtag, stimulating brand exposure and awareness.

Users capture real-time pictures on their phones, upload images with the event hashtag to Instagram or Twitter, the OLCaptura's technology access live the assigned hashtag, the picture showed up on the screen and print out the photos of choice as branded mementos of the event.